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February Book Club Review - Lola and the Boy Next Door

16th February 2018

Lola has three simple wishes:

1) To attend her winter formal dressed like Marie Antoinette

2) For her parents to approve of her boyfriend

3) To never ever see the Bell twins ever again

But wishes don't always come true, as Lola is about to find out...

For seventeen-year-old Lola life isn't exactly conventional. From her two dads, to her waste-of-space mother, to the wacky costumes that she likes to change on a daily basis, she isn't your average teenager. But why should you try to fit in when standing out from the crowd is way more fun?

Lola is convinced that her boyfriend Max is the one. He's older, in a band, and is probably the coolest person that she's ever met, and he puts up with a weekly Sunday brunch with her dads, so it must be love - right? But then Cricket Bell moves back next door and Lola's confidence in her relationship starts to wane.

Cricket Bell is everything that Max isn't. Her dads love him, her friend Lindsey loves him, and even her dysfunctional mother seems to think that he's the one. Yet Lola knows that they are not meant to be, because if they were it would have happened already. He wouldn't have rejected her so cruelly before.

But try as she might, Lola can't get Cricket out of her head, and the more time she spends with him, the more time she wants to spend with him. And the more time she wants to spend with him, the more time she spends thinking that maybe Max isn't the one after all...

Lola and the Boy Next Door fulfilled all of our romantic expectations. From the dreamy Cricket, to the winter formal, to the wise-talking best friend, it has everything you could ever want in a romance novel. Sometimes you need to read a novel that ends exactly as you want it to, and this one really did it for us.

Here's what our Organisers thought about it:

'I love all the Stephanie Perkins titles. Lola is a fab character and has that crazy unique dress sense that she just doesn’t care, she’s the girl I would love be. It’s such a good love story. Plus, Cricket - what a name!' Sarah Barrett 

'Loved Lola and the Boy Next Door. Took me back to being that age and wondering - 'is this the one?' In awe of Lola, her unique style and the excitement when Cricket returned home.' Zoe Shankley

'Lola is a really quirky character. Love that quirkiness and also the fact that her parents are "different", but then that's pretty normal in the Castro. The older boyfriend scenario is always one of interest to teenage girls versus someone of a similar age.' Nicky Powell

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