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It's good to talk!

2nd February 2018

The greatest asset Usborne Books at Home has is its community – the fact that every Organiser contributes to a greater cause and feels connected to that community through the support and friendship of their colleagues and teams (and, I hope, the company).

My personal goal for the January tour was to bring Organisers together in a way that better suited their own businesses – allowing them to focus on the topics that would make the biggest difference to them rather than be “talked at” by the company at a big event. 

Unavoidably, I had to do a bit of “talking at” – sharing company updates on new initiatives such as schools & World Book Day (look out for a new look RSR and RSL package, plus an entirely new schools leaflet, coming later this month), digital developments such as the roll-out of Virtual Parties to many more Organisers this year, but most importantly a consideration of the Role of an Usborne Organiser. It is not our place to sell cheap books quickly online – we (I say we - you) add so much value by providing the VIP premium customer service, quality control and market research as the face of Usborne Publishing. You are so much closer to our customers who value the difference you make and the “experience” you provide.

If we accept that we do make that difference, and have the confidence to deliver such a high-level experience; that is where we succeed. Easy for me to say! The magic, however, (and certainly the element of the tour that most took my breath away) was every Leader and Organiser's willingness to explore those messages and, in small groups, or around the room, look at the parts of their business that can add the most value and make the biggest difference. From growth mindset exercises to product knowledge, role-play scenarios on how to work in schools to earnings projections, making the most of online tools to recruiting A-Zs, every meeting was so different and yet so similar in the exceptional standard of delivery and discussion, as well as the open-minded willingness to learn.

Below is some early feedback from meeting leaders and attendees. You can also see more images from the meetings on our Instagram feed. I cannot thank the meeting leaders enough for believing they could “own” January and deliver events that would transform the confidence and skillset of every attendee.

I know I will tour again and even though you don’t need to wait for me to hop on a train (or plane EU!) to arrange something, I look forward to sitting and working with you all again very soon.


“It has motivated the team to really stretch themselves towards their goals, and even to set goals for the first time in some instances. I think that we are going to have a record year for sales and I’m very excited!”

“I hope that my team members who attended my meeting will feel more confident in how they run their business and know they can do more with Usborne and build a bigger business if they choose to.”

[Attending the meeting…] “…gave me motivation on how to grow my business. Made me realise I would like to be a Team Leader. Now have more confidence to try and work with schools. I would love to earn more through Usborne so I don’t have to return to work following maternity leave.”

“The information that I received on the day has been invaluable to me, I have re-lighted the fire in my belly and it has given me new ideas and passion to take my business forward.”

“It's motivated me to keep going! It's given me ways of talking to my team that I hadn't thought about. This was great to help me kick start my year in a really positive way.”

“Our business will grow further in all divisions of Usborne - best job in the world!”