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Reach for the Stars - January Stories

31st January 2018

The exciting thing about running your own Usborne business, is the opportunity to not only share our award-winning books with customers, schools and more, but also to share that same opportunity with others. Our Organisers are able to support countless individuals to write a better story for their families.

In this new series of blogs, we will be following the stories of some of our newly promoted Organisers, who may be becoming a leader for the first time, or climbing further up the promotion ladder by expanding their businesses.

We hope that their stories show you that anything is achievable in your Usborne business. Just reach for the stars!

Monica's Story

'My experience with Usborne has been awesome. At first, I just wanted to buy books for my two boys. When I got the first package, I was simply thrilled! I showed the books to my friends who have children, and they were very impressed by them, and keen to order. I also shared with them the opportunity to access discounted books for their children by joining Usborne Books at Home. 

I am very happy to have become a Team Leader, and I hope that I'll develop more and more, because I would love to be able to work from home full time. My eldest son is starting school next year and it's important to me to have much more time to be there for him.

Thank you Usborne for giving me this chance. I would encourage everyone to make the step up to Team Leader. It really is worth it.'

Holly's Story

'I joined Usborne Books at Home in May 2017. I was looking for a dictionary for my son, and came across Usborne and its wonderful opportunity. My bookworms go through lots of books, so the option to buy them 24% cheaper as an Organiser was a no brainer for me.

My progression to Team Leader came via the Quickstart programme. I had achieved what was needed for Kit Boost and Kit Refund very quickly, and my mentor and Group Leader had then talked to me about growing a team.

Team building did not come naturally to me and initially felt very awkward. I didn't have any previous experience and hadn't been with the company long. I think a lack of self belief played a big part in my nervousness initially. But with encouragement and training from my team, it helped me to believe in myself, and I now have a downline of almost 100 ladies since starting to recruit in July. 

Building a rapport, having a strong Usborne 'why', and being consistent with recruiting is the key to my success.'

Ioana's Story

'It was one year ago that I saw for the first time an Usborne Atlas of the World with animals. It was posted online, in a group of mums. I immediately fell in love, and thought how much my boy would love to have one of those. At that time, I didn't know that you could become an Usborne Organiser. But soon I reached a post from Gabriela, my mentor, in which she was giving details and explaining what that meant.

We began chatting, and in the following nights I kept wondering how I could begin and get my hands on those fascinating books. I worried that I might not do well, but my determination and passion for books overcame my fears and I decided to give it a try. I always say to people that there is nothing to lose because an investment in books is a valuable one.

Promoting to Team Leader came with thrills and excitement, and it was at that moment I realised that I could combine work with pleasure to build up my own business. So, both my enthusiasm and business thrived.

I am often asked how I recruit new Organisers, what do I say to people in order to convince them to join? Well my answer is that actions speak louder than words. Through showing them my own successful business, they are able to see what they too can achieve.

My two children are extremely happy to be surrounded by many quality books, and I am truly satisfied to be able to have a flexible job that fulfils me on all levels.

I spend a lot of time planning, analysing and thinking what my next steps should be. I always set goals, and never give up when things don't go accordingly. Also, there is one important aspect that I try to always take care of, and that is the people I work with: my team, customers, schools - everyone I make contact with. I treat them with good care and always put them first. Promoting to Group Leader has also been a great step for me. It makes me determined to be better and better. For me, the sky is the limit!'