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Book of the Month - Politics for Beginners

1st February 2018

Is freedom of speech always a good thing? What is representative democracy? Who's responsible for the planet? Full of endless questions and answers to guide you through the complexities of politics, this fun book is perfect for children and adults to enjoy together.

Divided into six chapters, Politics for Beginners takes you through governments, political systems, elections and voting, political changes, political ideologies and big questions. With graphic illustrations, and an engaging presentation of the text, complex topics are broken down simply into scenarios and examples that we can all understand.

One of our favourite sections is about what individuals can do to change the world they live in. It's easy to think that as one person we are completely powerless, but there are so many things that you can do, even if you aren't old enough to vote. Throughout the book there are helpful hints and tips about you and your rights, and about how to stand up for what you believe in.

The book is perfect for triggering debates, and would be a brilliant resource for schools to utilise in debate clubs, or even to prompt class discussions and deeper thinking. From terrorism, to feminism, to poverty, this book tackles major issues in a light and clear way, helping to provide its readers with all the information they need to form their own opinions on today's world issues.

It's not just the modern day that is covered, but also the history of politics from democracy in Ancient Greece, to meritocracy in Ancient China, to Feudalism in England. The book also takes you on a journey through the history of voting and the right to do so, as well as the major protests and political movements of the past.

Whether you are looking for a book to help your children to understand the tricky topic of politics, a tool to promote discussion around it, or an engaging overview of the issues that we are facing in the modern world, and those that our ancestors faced in the past, Politics for Beginners really does have something for everyone. Don't shy away from politics - embrace your new understanding of it.

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