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2017 Achievement Award Results

10th January 2018

The final results for December are in and we are now proud to share the winners of the Achievement Awards for 2017. 

These awards focus on three key elements - Sales, Leadership and Recruiting. Making it to the number one spot is an amazing achievement, demonstrating just how much consistency, motivation and dedication can pay off. These organisers have shown continued loyalty and commitment to Usborne Books, but also their ambition to grow their own businesses and, above all, to succeed. 

Top Organiser - The winner has demonstrated awe-inspiring selling, achieving personal sales of £90,140.08, a truly remarkable amount! Zoë Vobořilová has, without doubt earned her place.

Top New Organiser - The winner of this category is Hannah Trinidad who secured personal sales of £11,342.53 during the year. Well done Hannah on this great result, and an amazing beginning for your business!

Top Leader -  A total of £44,861.07 New Organiser sales from personal recruits has been achieved by Zoë Vobořilová, her second win in this closely fought category.

Top New Team Leader - Congratulations to Rachel Pettifer who has achieved New Organiser sales from personal recruits of £27,370.10. Rachel has got her business off to a great start by building a strong team.  

Top Recruiter - Our winner achieved a total of 306 Quickstart Achievement Points this year, well done Zoë Vobořilová on your third win, wow!

Top New Recruiter - Sarah McDade leapt to the top with 180 Quickstart Achievement Points this year. Well done Sarah. 

Many congratulations to all of our finalists and winners.

We hope the winners have a wonderful time celebrating their well earned achievement where they will be whisked off to London for a behind-the-scenes tour of Usborne Publishing, followed by an exclusive dinner in a private dining room at the Sky restaurant in the capital's iconic Gherkin building. Enjoy!