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Organiser of the Month - Emma Tasker

22nd January 2018

We love hearing about the innovative ways that Organisers are promoting and running their businesses. January's Organiser of the Month is using Facebook Live to sell and recruit to great effect!

Emma was nominated by her mentor Abita Bhaskar-Perry, who says that she is hugely proud of how far Emma has come since joining.

"Emma has been an inspiration to so many of us. She joined up at the very end of July and was initially very nervous about getting sales. After a bit of a pep talk, she went away and in her first month with Usborne, not only had Emma achieved her Kit Refund, and her Kit Boost, she was awarded her productivity bonus and received her Recruiter's Reward.

The following month went on to be another amazing month sales wise, with Emma placing over £1600 worth of orders and being rewarded her productivity bonus again.

The most astonishing thing about Emma's sales, is that none of them were school events and very few were from home/Facebook parties. Emma's technique is to go 'Live' on Facebook and use her own gregarious personality to show off the books - and it works!

Not only did it work with her sales, but it also helped her with her recruitment. Another two people joined her team and by the middle of October, Emma had promoted to Team Leader and achieved her Double Promotion Bonus!

Given how nervous Emma was when she first joined up, I am hugely proud of how far she's come. I always saw the potential in her (although she's astounded me by how quickly she's done as well as she has!) so I'm delighted by the progress she's made and by how much her confidence has grown."

Emma shares her Usborne story with us:

"I joined Usborne back in August last year, I had recently left my job to spend more time with my young daughter Phoebe. I had heard of Usborne books - we already owned a huge collection of That's Not My books - and I have known my mentor Abita and Group Leader, Laura Coe for years. I spoke to them and joined Abi's team within a few days.

I intended it to be a bit of fun. We love books, and I thought I could get some free ones for Phoebe and make a little bit of pocket money along the way. I had so many doubts about myself at first, that I couldn't do it, that I wouldn't be able to sell anything, but Abita is an amazing mentor, and supported and pushed me onwards.

My first online event and coffee morning were huge successes and I was immediately bitten by the Usborne bug. When Abi suggested a live video for me to try, I was so nervous on my first time that I gave up and did a pre-recorded version. I ended up doing about seven takes, and by the end I had completely lost my excitement about the books. So I told myself that the next time I had a delivery I would go live - all be it nervously!

I loved it. I need not have worried, people watched, commented and laughed along with me! I sold over £80 of books that night and now adore lives. I use them as a massive selling aid and often let Phoebe appear in them too. We show off the books in a way they should be shown, with love and enjoyment, and people are reminded of who they are buying from - just me in my PJs, a cup of tea in hand, and my husband in the background.

I try to do a live with every new delivery I get, and sometimes I just randomly pop on to say hi. I even did a live one evening on our way to a hotel for a weekend away. Mainly I rambled about traffic, but it was one of my most viewed videos, and at the end of it I came away with a £100 booking.

I hit all my Quickstarts and promoted to Team Leader in October. I now have my own fantastic team and I would love to progress further in my Usborne career. I encourage all my team to go for their Quickstart milestones and also to use lives often.

I love my job. I adore getting these amazing books into families and schools. In the times where it's so easy for children to pick up and play on an iPad, it's so important for us to encourage them to read and to enjoy it.

If I could offer any advice to you, never doubt yourself, you can always move forward if you believe in yourself. There will be rough times, and sales will come and go (as will recruits), but ride it out and you will come through it. Also, never be afraid to ask for help - that's why we have mentors. They will always have faith in you, even if you can't find it in yourself."

Congratulations Emma! A copy of our January Book of the Month will be on its way to you very soon.

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