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Book Review - Freak the Mighty

18th December 2017

An uplifting novel that will stay with you long after you turn the last page, Freak the Mighty is as close as a novel can come to perfect.

Max is used to being called names. On account of his size and his vacant brain. And he's used to people being scared of him. On account of his size and looking like his dad. But he's not used to having a real friend. Until Kevin comes along...

Bossy, opinionated and highly intelligent, Kevin seems the exact opposite of Max. But the unlikely pair soon develop an ironclad friendship, and together they are capable of anything. With Kevin on Max's shoulders, the pair stand tall against the world, ready to face any challenge and complete any quest. Together they become Freak the Mighty!

But life is never easy, and the return of Max's father, and the deteriorating health of Kevin provide obstacles that even Freak the Mighty struggles to break through. As the novel hurtles towards the end, we are reminded of just how fragile life is, and how vital a part of it true friendship should be. 

There are many things to be learned from Max and Kevin, and each provides us with lessons that we should always treasure:

1) Never judge a book by its cover

2) Always believe in yourself and the power of your imagination

3) If you want to, you can remember anything whether it happened or not

Towards the end of the novel, Max's grandfather tells him that 'Most of us go all the way through life and we never have a friend like Kevin. So maybe you should count yourself lucky.' But really, we're the lucky ones. We have all got to meet Kevin through reading this novel, and I'm sure he's changed us all for the better. 


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