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Enjoy the benefits of hosting an Usborne Book Party this December!

1st December 2017

Fancy a shopping experience with a difference? Host an Usborne book party for your family and friends, and you will receive a free Usborne book in addition to many other benefits and rewards.

The free titles* available for December party hosts are:

Christmas Patterns to Colour (RRP £5.99)

A magical way to explore the festivities of Christmas. Create your perfect Christmas tree, or fill pages of baubles and presents with vibrant shades as you colour your way through the holidays.

The Usborne Story Writer's Ideas Journal (RRP £9.99)

Part of the 'Write Your Own' series, this write-in activity book combines story prompts, writing tips and inspiring quotes from writers around the world. A book no young writer should be without.

Look and Find Jungle (RRP £9.99)

A fun puzzle book full of jungle animals to spot, count and match. From a pair of parrots in party hats to a frog playing the violin, the delightful details provide endless spot-and-talk-about opportunities.

Look and Find Cats and Dogs (RRP £9.99)

Each page in this superbly illustrated book is teeming with cats and dogs (and a few other animals) to spot, match, count and talk about. Can you spot a Siamese cat with bright green eyes, dogs with matching collars, three cats making music and the basket with the most kittens? 

Telling the Time Activity Book (RRP £6.99)

A write-in activity book bursting with puzzles, tasks and stickers to help children learn all about telling the time.

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*To get one of the host books absolutely free, you simply need to host an Usborne party (with a total sales value of £100+) with an Usborne Organiser.