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Book Review - Billy and the Mini Monster: Monsters Go Party!

21st December 2017

Full of fun and packed with hilarious illustrations, Billy and his Mini Monsters are ready to take the world by storm - well if the Mini Monsters have anything to do with it anyway!

It's Billy's friend Jack's birthday, and Billy can't wait to dress up and go to the party. The only trouble is his little sister Ruby has been invited too, and Ruby ruins everything! But at least his Mini Monsters will be safe in his bedroom - especially after the trouble at the swimming pool! Or so Billy thinks...

But when Fang Face gets pulled out of the Magician's hat, Billy knows that his naughty Mini Monsters are ready to cause trouble all over the party!

With the unexpected help of his little sister Ruby, Billy frantically searches for the rest of his Mini Monsters before they can get up to any more mischief, but will he find them all in time?

The combination of cartoon strips and text, make this series the perfect read for young children, and we love the added speech bubbles throughout the pictures. Plus, there is a fun guide to each Mini Monster at the back, that is perfect for getting to know them all better.

We know that once you've read one, you'll have to read them all!

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