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Book Review - Cogheart

28th November 2017

Full of adventure, action and excitement, Cogheart transports you to a world of airships, cogs and mechanicals that you will wish you were a part of.

For Lily, life is far from perfect. Stuck in a boarding school where books are only used for practising poise, and Penny Dreadfuls are at constant risk of confiscation, she is desperate to learn something more worthwhile. But when her father goes missing, and his horrible housekeeper suddenly becomes Lily's guardian, things go from bad to worse.

Under Madame Verdigris' strict regime, Lily's home is turned upsidedown. Her beloved mechanicals are taken away, her father's study is ransacked and Lily is left a prisoner in her own bedroom. Desperate to discover the truth about her father, she finds a mysterious box in her father's safe, and with the help of her new friend Robert, the clock-maker's son, and Malkin, her mechanical fox, she sets off in search of answers.

But like all good adventure stories, Lily's journey is not plain sailing. With dangerous silver-eyed men chasing them, and trouble lurking in unexpected places, Lily and Robert must overcome the odds to find out the mystery of the box and the whereabouts of Lily's father.

Add in the drama of a temperamental airship, a mechanical fox with vertigo, and the mysterious cogheart and you have yourself an adventure story not to be missed.  

Peter Bunzl's storytelling is utterly captivating, and his words envelop you into a magical world where anything seems possible. For us, this is the perfect fantasy novel, with completely universal appeal. No bookshelf should be without a copy of this glittering masterpiece.

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