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November and December Picks for Schools

17th November 2017

Reading Schemes


With simple rhyming text and phonic repetition, Usborne's Phonics Readers are specially designed to develop essential language skills and early reading.

Chimp with a Limp is the latest phonics title to be released, and it is just as hilarious as its predecessors. With a cheeky protagonist and comical rhyme scheme, it's the perfect introduction to reading.

Young Beginners

With lots of pictures and simple text, this series is ideal for beginner readers that prefer non-fiction.

Join nocturnal animals and find out what they do at night in Night and Day

Young Reading Series

Ideal for readers growing in confidence, the Young Reading series is divided into four levels that increase in difficulty.

There are five new titles in the Young Reading series this month:

Join Billy and his mini monsters in Monster Go Party and Monsters on the Move. Full of vibrant illustrations, the mix of text and cartoon are great for enthusing young readers.

Zoe and her best friend Astra, the fairy unicorn are back for more adventures in Frost Fair and Star Spell. Ideal for newly fluent readers, the longer story and three-colour illustrations are great for fans of mythical creatures.

Perfect for fans of non-fiction, Survival tells ten true stories of survival against the odds, from shark attacks to sinking submarines. Ideal for more confident readers.

This abridged version of the classic novel Frankenstein is great for confident readers that are looking to challenge themselves and broaden their reading.

Home Learning

Key Skills Wipe-clean

Written to support the National Curriculum, our Key Skills series is ideal for helping children to gain confidence in the skills they are learning at school. Coming with a wipe-clean pen, they are great for children to use to practise skills again and again. Perfect for that extra support at home.

This month's titles are: Fractions 7-8, Grammar and Punctuation 7-8 and Times Tables 7-8.

First Hundred Words

This series is great for early language learning, with one hundred everyday words illustrated in busy scenes. Ideal for children who love learning to develop their linguistic skills at home.

This month's new titles are:
First Hundred Words in Arabic, First Hundred Words in Hebrew, First Hundred Words in Italian, First Hundred Words in Japanese and First Hundred Words in Russian.