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Organiser of the Month - Jayne Swift

30th October 2017

We know that our Organisers all have very different lives and very different commitments. October's Organiser of the Month has been active every month since joining, all whilst balancing a busy job working for the NHS.

Jayne was nominated by her mentor Heidi Thomas, alongside many other members of her group, who say that Jayne is a massive asset to their team.

"I want to nominate Jayne because she was active again this month. Nothing unusual in that you may say, but Jayne has been active EVERY single month since she joined in September 2015! That takes hard work and planning.

Like many of us, Jayne juggles this around looking after her own children, her sister's children and working for the NHS four evenings a week, so her time is limited. But she has used networking and social media to her advantage by building strong relationships with her customers and by pushing herself out of her comfort zone to go live - she now does regular features on her page.

Although she doesn't have the Team Leader title, she has fantastic leadership skills, and is always willing to share ideas and support others in our group to push themselves out of their comfort zone. A definite leader in waiting!

She is always a positive voice and gets us all involved. She recently launched our summer product challenge and got us all sharing our pictures of us with our books throughout the summer.

We run a monthly recognitions in our newsletter, and Jayne is regularly nominated by others in the team to be their Pick of the Crop, so I thought it was about time she was recognised on a wider scale.

Jayne is an absolute pleasure to work with, a massive asset to our group, and I look forward to being part of her Usborne journey for many more years."


Jayne shares her Usborne story with us:

"I have just celebrated my two year Usborne-versary and have been active every month so far, which I'm told is quite a good thing?!

When I set out, I didn't consciously make this decision. I approached it in the manner I do with most things - 'I'll take it as it comes' (I'm quite laid back). I managed to hit kit boost and kit refund (amidst much self doubt!), and continued on from there. Some months came easy, and some required more work, but I like the consistency and delivery day, and it has sort of stuck.

I love the flexibility that Usborne gives me, especially as I have two young boys, help my sister with child care, and also work evenings part time. This was the driving force behind trying to increase my reach and grow my business through social media.

Although I love the face-to-face side of my business, I figured that in a world of devices, with thousands of people at the other end of a post, social media was a logical channel to use.

So I set about growing my Facebook page. It wasn't easy and it took time and effort, and requires consistency, but I can honestly say it's been worth it, and I love networking. It has opened up a whole new world, I've made friends, found a fantastic small business, and started to grow my team!

I've also made use of Facebook Live, sharing at least one book a week on a #productfeaturethursday post. I've found this is a fantastic tool as it allows me to show the books in a different dimension. I'm not polished or perfect, and the kids often get in on the action, but that's life!

One of my passions is the training, mentoring and support side of the business, and I try to encourage this in our wider group. In the summer, after seeing a post from another leader in our group (Anna Koe), I launched a summer photo challenge - this consisted of taking pictures wth Usborne books in different places/situations. The aim was to think outside the box, and to give ideas on how our books could be marketed to different audiences. It got a fantastic response, and the pictures were amazing.

Throughout my journey so far, there is one person whom without her help, support, guidance and drive I wouldn't have managed - Heidi Thomas, my fabulous mentor! Thank you for all the times you said 'you can'!"


Congratulations Jayne! A copy of our October Book of the Month will be on its way to you very soon.

Nominations for Organiser of the Month...

We look forward to receiving all nominations. You may nominate yourself or any other Organiser. Please email your stories to along with your name and Organiser number. Good luck!