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Real Life Story - Connie Wilman

29th September 2017

We were incredibly touched to receive this story from Usborne Organiser, Connie Wilman. We are very proud of everything that she has achieved, and think that her generosity and strength should be an inspiration for all Organisers.

Here's Connie's story:

"I started my Usborne journey on 10th August 2017, after seeing what a fab journey it could be. My mentor Sarah McDade has been great and completely supportive, and I knew that Usborne was for me.

Sadly, on 13th August, my Dad passed away very suddenly, at the age of 59. I was scared and worried that I wouldn't meet my incentives or be able to make this work. I started to doubt my ability to be an Usborne Organiser. But I sat down, straightened myself up and messaged Sarah. Unsure whether or not to continue my journey with Usbonre, through this heartbreaking time, Sarah offered kind words and strength and completely supported me through all my decisions. 

I messaged Sarah the next day, this message; 'If anything, it has made me more determined to succeed. I want to make my mum smile everyday, (in time) and Usborne can help me do this'!! So I buckled down and within 36 hours, I had my first £100 order. Then I held a coffee morning for friends and family, in remembrance of my Dad, which raised over £200. I thought to myself, what else can I do to make a difference? 

I have currently donated nearly £125 (all Usborne commission) to the British Heart Foundation, as my Dad passed away from heart failure. Something which was never spotted in the past. And, with it being a charity very close to my family's hearts, I wanted to help. 

Since then I have held many online parties and had one stall, with five more booked in. I promised myself to donate my commission to the British Heart Foundation from my first six orders. 

I have just received my Recruiter's Reward and am on track for my Kit Refund next week. 

My goal with Usborne, is to make my mum smile again. Not now, but in the future. I want to make her the memories that we should have had with my dad. It's been tough to balance books and organising a funeral, but I've done it and I'm so proud of what I can achieve with this business. It works so easily around my little girl too, and she loves the books! 

Usborne is opening up so many new ventures and opportunities already, and I cannot wait to see where my future is! I know my dad would be proud. 

Thank you Usborne, for this amazing opportunity."

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Connie, and we wish you a successful future with your Usborne business.