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Enjoy the benefits of hosting an Usborne Book Party this September!

1st September 2017

Fancy a shopping experience with a difference? Host an Usborne book party for your family and friends, and you will receive a free Usborne book in addition to many other benefits and rewards.

The free titles* available for September party hosts are:

My Very First Animals Book (RRP £9.99)

This book is packed full of facts and beautiful illustrations to engage young children with animals and the natural world. It includes information on animals from all over the planet, from elephants in Africa, to sloths in the rainforest, to turtles under the sea. A perfect introduction to the secrets of the animal kingdom.

1000 Things in Nature (RRP £9.99)

A beautifully illustrated reference book containing 1000 things found in nature, from familiar bugs and flowers to exotic birds of paradise and fascinatingly weird undersea creatures. Children can pore over categories such as ‘In a jungle’, ‘Ice and snow’ and ‘Fossils, rocks and gems’ to marvel at the incredible diversity of the natural world.

It all starts with a seed... how food grows (RRP £12.99)

Did you know that...some food needs the wind to grow? And some grows in the dark? What food grows in water? And which nut isn't a nut at all, but a type of bean that grows underground? Find out the answers to these questions and lots more in this fun book that is ideal for inquisitive children.


I'd like to host an Usborne book party

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*To get one of the host books absolutely free, you simply need to host an Usborne party (with a total sales value of £100+) with an Usborne Organiser.