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Organiser of the Month - Hannah Trinidad

20th July 2017

We all know how important it is to get our fabulous books into the hands of as many children as possible. July's Organiser of the Month held an incredibly successful Ready, Steady... Read! event to help her local school to fill a whole new library.

Hannah was nominated by her Mentor, Melanie Mitchell, who says that Hannah's positive attitude and will to succeed is taking her business from strength to strength.

"Hannah joined my team in January this year and threw herself into her Passport to Success incentives, achieving both Kit Boost and Kit Refund by contacting all the friends, neighbours, playgroups and toddler groups she could think of, as well as through Facebook sales and markets.

When World Book Day approached, Hannah contacted lots of local schools, her mind set on helping them to get lots of free books by holding sponsored reading events. Hannah is absolutely thrilled with how successful her school events have been, and with more confidence and by not letting the language barrier stand in her way, I am sure she will continue to be incredibly successful."

Hannah, shares her Usborne story with us:

"My Usborne Journey has been a whirlwind since I signed up in January - I initially panicked that no one would even turn up to my launch party! But my mentor Melanie spoke lots with me, and since then I've pushed my boundaries further and surprised myself so much! 

I only thought I would get a few orders here and there, and would use the free books for my sons (two year old Luca and nine month Noah!) They now have so many books, but they understand the value of each of them and they really love them! 

I moved out to Spain four years ago and luckily my husband is bi-lingual so helps me a lot with the language difficulties as my Spanish is still a little basic when it comes to some topics on books! But working for Usborne has encouraged me to speak more and to develop my Spanish, much to my husband's delight!

My RSR started from emailing all the schools in the area. Four schools got back to me and three placed orders of about £300-£400 after two days of fundraising. My last school (only a junior school) did the fundraising over two weeks, and their efforts were phenomenal. (This was all over World Book Day, so the beginning of March.)

When I met with the last school after the event, they told me they were expecting to have raised in the region of £2,000! I explained further about the free books they would receive, and they started making a wish list! We spoke lots over emails and phone calls, and around May I went back into the school and she told me that in fact the pupils had fundraised £5,000!! I almost fell off my chair! So again I left them trying to find lots of books that they were going to order, as well as the £3,000 worth of free books! The books are for the school library which they have just refurbished and are in the process of making more appealing to the pupils. 

Since then I've had some smaller orders and another school order come through, but I'm still in contact with all the schools in the area, as well as nurseries, by sending them special offers and showing them how other schools have benefitted from ordering with free books! 

I have an amazing mentor in Melanie Mitchell and also an amazing divisional team headed by Keely Horn! Whatever is asked is answered quickly by either one of them, both of them, or by someone else in our fab teams! 

Right now I'm looking at becoming a team leader and making my own team - after all I've learnt from the best!" 

Congratulations Hannah! A copy of our July Book of the Month will be on its way to you very soon.

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