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Book of the Month - First Illustrated Thesaurus

4th July 2017

Bright, colourful and packed with inspiration, this thesaurus is a must have for any fan of our creative writing books.

This First Illustrated Thesaurus is a fun way to help young children to vary and expand their vocabulary. Full of illustrations, it's divided into topics such as feelings, senses, sports, space, adventures and much, much more. Easy to navigate, it is sure to provide inspiration for any genre of story.

We particularly love the section on weather, for creating those all important story settings. Describe a perfect winter wonderland with phrases such a dusted with snow, glistening frost and gliding on ice, or transform a calm day with booming thunder, zigzags of lightening and billowing clouds. 

Creating believable characters can be a challenge, and this book has a great introduction on how to make people come to life with the words you choose to describe them. With synonyms for all types of people from young to old, to clever to clumsy, children will never be stuck for what to write.

Help your children to the top of the class and enjoy reading their stories bursting with an exciting range of vocabulary. 

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