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Top Ten Reads for Summer

5th July 2017

Summer is the perfect season to start a new book. We love sitting in the shade or sunshine and losing ourselves in a great read. Here are some of our current favourites:

Baby and Toddler

That's not my piglet... £5.99
One of our favourite That's not my... books, the bright colours throughout are perfect for even a rainy day. Let little hands turn the pages of piglets until they find their own piglet with the silky soft ears.

Jungle Sounds £12.99
Transport yourself to another world with this fun jungle themed book. Hear tigers roar, elephants playing, birds calling and many more. Perfect for noisy storytimes.


Young Readers

Kangaroo at the Zoo £4.99
We love the phonics reader books, and this one is one of the best! A new animal causes a big excitement at the zoo in this hilarious rhyming tale. Perfect for reading and enjoying together. 

Farmyard Tales The New Pony £4.99
Join Poppy and Sam on another adventure at the farm as they find a trapped pony. With cute illustrations and loveable characters, this is great for children who are starting to read on their own.



Tanglewood Animal Park Baby Zebra Rescue £5.99
This adorable tale is perfect for animal lovers. Zoe is lucky enough to live at an animal park, and one day she sees a baby zebra, Flash, being born. But when Flash goes missing, Zoe has to find him, and soon!

Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog The Last Circus Tiger £6.99
Roll up! Roll up! Winnie and her ghostly animal friends can't wait to go to the circus, but when Knitbone sniffs out something suspicious, the adventure really begins.



Just Call Me Spaghetti-Hoop Boy £6.99
A hilarious and heart-warming read that follows the main character Adam on a super-hero quest to find his birth mother. Beautifully written throughout, it's a great story about finding who you are, and what family really means.

Being Miss Nobody £6.99
A must-read for the summer. Rosalind hates her new secondary school, and her life is made so much more difficult by the fact that she can't talk. At all. But when Rosalind finds her voice online things start to go wrong, and soon she realises that things that are said can't always be taken back.



If I Was Your Girl £7.99
A powerful and beautiful story that every teenager should read. Amanda Hardy is the new girl at school, and all she wants to do is fit in. But Amanda has a big secret, and secrets always come out in the end.

Unconventional £7.99
A perfect romantic-comedy for the summer. Obsessive planner Lexi's world is turned upside down when she meets author Aidan Green and discovers that not everything can be scheduled on a clipboard.


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