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Real Life Story - Zoë Vobořilová

22nd June 2017

For us and for many Organisers, Zoë Vobořilová is a true inspiration. On target for Gold Membership for Autumn 2017, continuously topping the personal sales and recruiting tables, and with an impressive override commission cheque of almost £7000 in May alone, we asked her how she does it.

"When asked to share my Usborne story, I wasn't really quite sure where to start... What would interest Usborne Organisers about my journey in particular? I thought I would take a look in my diary for inspiration. What I saw surprised me. Looking back I could see the pieces of a most wonderful Usborne jigsaw puzzle, that would come together at the end of the month to complete the picture. That picture would be one of the life of an Independent Usborne Organiser and Leader in Europe, enjoying all the possibilities that the Usborne opportunity has to offer. I filled May with my own choices and my own decisions and that's what makes building my own business with Usborne so special.

So what made May so special? Well, I love working with schools and as the end of the school year nears, I had many opportunities to provide school book fairs for children, parents and teachers. I like to challenge myself, looking for new ways forward and always ask myself 'what went well?', 'how can I improve?' and 'how can I make my Usborne Organiser service better?'. This leads to so many new and exciting ideas, from building classroom libraries and providing Usborne Creative Workshops, to experimenting with book fair design and layout and providing Usborne books as awards and prizes. Usborne is my job and my hobby and it's great that I can combine all my interests into one, including book fair photography, a little bit of teaching and even playing my violin (sometimes!) for the children at the end of class visits with storytelling. With this zest for creativity and developing new ideas to support schools, teachers, children and parents, the interest and demand for Usborne books has increased - so much so that my Usborne dream is now to buy a bigger car, to fit all those boxes of Usborne books in!

My greatest passion, however, is supporting others to become successful, and May was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Organisers and Leaders in our European Executive Division. Spread right across Europe, we share ideas, experiences, photos and stories, inspiring each other as we develop the European market further. It is an honour to have the opportunity of leading such a talented and dedicated group of Independent Usborne Organisers. 

In addition, I took a few steps out of my comfort zone this Spring and recruited a wonderful group of Czech mothers on maternity leave (using my Czech language skills), who chose the name 'Czech Dream Team' for themselves. Their excitement and enthusiasm on discovering the Usborne opportunity was simply inspirational and they took on board all of the ideas (coming up with many more of their own) that I passed onto them for building a business with Usborne in the Czech Republic. I've enjoyed taking part in their many Usborne launch events throughout the country, organising home parties and exploring new ideas such as selling Usborne books at local markets, maternity centres, soft play areas, a preschool in an old monastery, and even a sweet and cake shop in a Prague residential area! Three of our most talented Czech ladies promoted to Team Leader in May (with two more promotions to Team Leader in the Spring season), all achieving their Double Promotion Bonus and Quickstart Programme milestones. That's simply a tremendous achievement - well done ladies! I wish all European Organisers so much fun and enjoyment as we continue to discover the huge amount of potential that there is in Europe with Usborne."  

Lucie Tomková recently promoted to Team Leader and she had this to say about her Mentor:

"Zoë is a brilliant Leader. I couldn't wish for a better one. She is so devoted to her work. She motivates us, encourages us, supports us and gives so much good advice. What I also appreciate is her ability for clear explanations of whatever I need to know. She shares all her good ideas with her team. She can always find a good point in a failure so that we can learn from the situation for next time. I am so grateful and proud to be part of her team." 

What a fantastic month you have had, Zoë, and what an incredibly positive approach you have to building your Usborne business. We can't wait to see how it develops even further in the future.