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Summer Event Ideas

22nd May 2017

Summer is fast approaching, and so are a world of opportunities for Usborne book events. Here are some to get you started!

Picnic Party
Grab your friends and get down to the park for a Picnic Party. Why not recommend a range of summer activity books, or your favourite reads for sunny days. You could even make some of the recipes from an Usborne cookbook and show that the proof really is in the pudding.

School Summer Fetes
The end of term is coming, and this is the time that schools can really start to relax and enjoy themselves. Why not contact your local primary school or nursery and ask if you can have a stall at their Summer Fete? Fill it with summer themed reads and activity books and get everyone excited for the summer holidays.

Ready, Steady... Read!
Most secondary schools have library lessons for KS3 students. Why not see if you can end their school year in style with a sponsored reading event in one of these lessons? Take your favourite 9+ and YA books with you, and bring some fun to their reading.

Facebook Parties
When schools and nurseries have broken up for summer, it can seem difficult to organise events. Why not host one from the comfort of your own sofa? Get talking about holiday reads with your guests, or plan in advance and have a holiday selfie competition where guests send in pictures of them reading Usborne books in exotic locations to win the host benefits.

Book Festival
Feeling ambitious? Why not organise your own mini-book festival? Cook up some Usborne treats, get an activity table ready and host a story time session. Get the whole family involved in showcasing their favourite Usborne books and keeping the party atmosphere going.

We always love to hear about the brilliant events that you have held, so please tell us about any summer events you have held and send us lots of pictures! Or even drop us an invite, we'd love to get involved.