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There is nothing that can compare to a book.

15th May 2017

Each month, we send Organisers an email with a Message from the MD.  In May, Mark challenged our Organisers to consider their own personal value and to email him about how Usborne has changed them for the better.

For many people, being asked to celebrate yourself is something that fills you with horror, so we applaud our amazing Organisers for their thoughtful emails to Mark. We are proud that you are able to celebrate being you!

One email that really touched us was from Kirsty Lloyd. Here is her Usborne story:

"I joined Usborne quite simply because I wanted the opportunity to create something that I can say I love doing for a living! I have two children (aged 3 and 1) who demand so much of my time, and my fiancé is Head Chef of a local gastro pub. These three people combined leave very little time for me to have a 'normal' job despite my qualifications!

Since joining Usborne, I have developed a new attitude towards life. I have gone from doubting myself constantly, to becoming someone who believes it when I say " I can". Before becoming an Organiser in October 2016, I never believed I could run my own business around two children with no child care, but it turns out - I can! I never believed I'd have the confidence to pitch ideas to a complete stranger and truly believe in my pitch. I have my first meeting with a local business about running story time events on Tuesday, and I'm not even nervous, just excited, because I know I can do it!

I wanted to email and thank you for this truly amazing opportunity. Becoming an Usborne Organiser has given me a chance to discover myself and I have found out just how passionate I am about sharing my love for books with the next generation!

My eldest daughter is completely deaf in one ear, this was discovered when she was just 6 weeks old (the wonders of technology and science!) we were warned that it could result in her being unable to talk until she was 2 years old. I am pleased to say that at the age of 6 months she said her first word and now, as a three year old, is top of her nursery class for phonics and pronunciation. This has not only been down to hard work, as we've pushed her constantly to improve her communication, but it has also been down to books. Showing her pictures as she links the words to them, letting her trace letters as she learns their sounds, and noisy books showing her the noise the animal makes is amazing! There is nothing to compare to a book. They are invaluable.

Although as yet I have no recruits in order to build myself a team, my plan is to make Usborne my main source of income. I believe my strength lies in my passion for these books and I hope that shows every time I speak about it."

Thank you for your inspiring email Kirsty, we are so proud of the success that you are making with your Usborne business and look forward to a bright future with you.