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'And that was the moment I became "me" again.'

9th May 2017

We loved the joy and boundless enthusiasm of this wonderful story, sent in by Andrea recently:

"Books have always been part of my life. At high school, books helped me to study English and I have prefered to read in English ever since. I love to keep every book I read, as each one reminds me of the stage of life I was in when I read it. My bookmarks are air tickets, bills photos - my story hidden among the lines of the novels.

My husband doesn't read, doesn't share a passion for books at all. But he really loves to read to our kids. Five years ago, before Tony was born, I found an old and worn copy of That's Not My Puppy in a market in Prague. I fell in love with it! And then so did Tony. And then Bart. And our collection grew slowly.

And then I found Usborne offering a home business to people on Facebook and it sounded great. But what attracted me the most was the available discount for my own Usborne shopping. Wow! Who could resist? You can get anything for such a great price, and last but not least, you can develop your kid's attitude to English itself so naturally! It must be marvellous to study English without drills like the way I had to study.

I was moved by my Mentor's kind support. I had to fight with my inner insecurities, scared to meet strange people, feeling responsible for investing family money into something that looked too good to be true! I got my Starter Kit, inspiring enough to get me three £100 orders and my Kit Refund just in time for an Easter Fair in our town. I chose items I wanted to see personally, and when it all came I was in Wonderland. And then I became a believer. I can do this! I trust the books, I love them and I will share them and help other people to fall in love with them too.

But as my Book Fair was approaching, I got scared again. Can I do this? Really? Do I know the books well? Do I know all the answers to all the possible questions? The only thing I wished for the morning before was the evening to come. The last check of the books made me feel better. I thought that I might fail, but not the books. I trusted them and knew that they would do well, and they really did.

From the very first moment, piles of books on a red tablecloth drew attention. With a beautiful set up, I became a hit of the Fair. I felt great! Just talking about books with interested people, helping them to choose the best ones, and selling and talking, laughing, drinking coffee, meeting friends, selling and selling and selling. And suddenly it was over. Legs sore, cheeks red, I was so excited I could barely breathe.

With Usborne and the support of my Mentor I became a part of something stunning and special so easily. Adorable books, English, inspiring people, excitement, a hint of independence - all this helped me to find the part of me that was hidden and maybe even forgotten somewhere below motherhood, worries, every day office work, sleepless nights, household, marriage.

And that was the moment I became "me" again.

Now I am facing a whole new world of possibilities and so much fun. I can't wait and I am so glad to be part of the story. My story."

Thank you for your amazing story, Andrea, and best wishes for your future with Usborne.