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It started with a passion for reading

7th April 2017

We were so touched by this wonderful story, sent in by Petra recently:

"I am very happy to have taken up the Usborne business opportunity as it goes so well with my teaching and being a mother!

The first book I ever read made me cry. I was about eight years old and I could not stop the tears running down my cheeks. I still remember the pictures in my imagination from back then. I continued with reading and gradually it turned into a passion.

When I was twenty, I moved to London. I was surprised to see that so many people around me read books! I visited every big book shop I could and spent hours looking for the right one for me. Reading in English gave me a different perspective. I was enjoying the writers exact words - not translated - just as they wrote it ages ago or not so long ago! Reading really helped my English. I learned new vocabulary and improved upon my grammar.

A few years later, I had tears in my eyes again. This time, I was on the tube, reading Dickens, feeling slightly embarrassed but happy. I realised that what I love about books are the emotions. The thrilling stories of people and their lives, full of love, joy, sadness or tragedy. Emotions that could be strange to you and yet somehow, understood and familiar.

I moved back to the Czech Republic and my love for books and the English language stayed. I became an English teacher and also a mother of two wonderful children. Reading in English is a gift and now I am trying to pass it on to my students and my little ones. 

Usborne books are perfect for my lessons and at home. I love when the class suddenly falls silent, waiting for the pages to be revealed. I love reading to my son and daughter before they go to bed. I sing to them, rhyme and read every day.

Before I found out about Usborne I could come home from the UK with more than 13kg of books (!) and now I can have them all sent directly to me. I have them within a week of ordering and I can show others these beautiful books and share the great opportunity of joining my team!

Thank you Usborne Books at Home."

Thank you Petra and best wishes for continuing success with Usborne.