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Organiser Hana Sedláčková shares the first exciting stages of her Usborne journey all the way from the Czech Republic

20th February 2017

'My name is Hana Sedláčková. I'm a dental hygienist by profession, but at the moment I'm a full-time mum. I have two children, Anička (3 years old) and Honzík (8 months). 

For a while now I've been wondering what to do after my maternity leave - it isn't easy nowadays to seek employment with two young children. Plus I don't want to be in the position where I have to argue with my superiors that I really need to be at home when one of my children is ill, or have to explain that I need to take them to the doctor or for a check-up. 

I began to think about the idea of running my own business, but in what field? Dentistry is very expensive and I would have to go into debt. The idea of becoming my own boss was too far out of sight to seem real. I was looking for something beautiful, fun and meaningful. Something that would not ruin me financially and yet could fulfil my dream - to be with my children when they need me and realise my own business at the same time. And I found it, with Usborne...

In the beginning I was a bit sceptical, but, having seen Usborne's books, I knew this was it. To promote colourful, engaging and informative books for children - this was the 'meaningful' activity that I had been looking for. What I like about Usborne is that it gives you the chance to fulfil your dream - an opportunity to make life better, and in a very enjoyable way. 

I decided to go for it. At just £38 plus £12 delivery charge, the cost of the Starter Kit was negligible in comparison to the cost of setting up a dentist's surgery - after all, who can start a business these days with an initial deposit of £50? Within ten days, I had received my first package of books. I looked forward to the delivery like a little girl, and took the kit to show my friends with whom I meet once a month to chat, drink as much coffee as possible and allow the children to play together as much as they like.

The books were a huge success and I went home straight away with an order - the same again on visiting other friends. I love watching the wonder and joy when someone browses a new book. It's a really satisfying feeling. Thanks to the fact that I have young children, the best way for me to promote the books is through meeting up with friends for a coffee, home parties and relaxing Usborne get-togethers in family centres, which I really enjoy taking my children to. 

I didn't believe that I would be successful right from the start, but it's really not hard - the books sell themselves. I joined the Usborne team in mid-January and three weeks later I managed to achieve my Kit Boost and Recruiter's Reward. I'm delighted and really pleased with my achievements. And that's what it's all about. Thanks to the Usborne opportunity, I can fulfil my dream of being the master of my own time, financially independent, in contact with nice people and yet here for my children when they need me. Not to mention the additional bonus of being able to improve my English!

I hope that I will succeed in becoming a Team Leader and have the opportunity to spread my enthusiasm among my own team members... 

Let's go for it and change our lives!'


Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story with us Hana. We're really looking forward to following your journey to the next stage. Who knows what you might achieve?