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Organiser of the Month - Laura McIntosh

23rd January 2017

When your children are very young, it can be all too easy to lose confidence in yourself and your ability to make a valuable contribution towards the household income. 

January's Organiser of the Month, Laura McIntosh, was nominated by her Mentor Carly Cavilla-Hunt, who told us of Laura's struggles since the birth of her wonderful son.

Laura 'has coped beautifully', wrote Carly, and her 'confidence has blossomed through Usborne - she is so proud of her business now and for a very good reason! From joining just for the free books to suddenly working with a team of others that are passionate and supporting them as much as she can, Laura constantly strives to be better and do more. She really is perfecting becoming the best version of herself!'

A somewhat 'shocked and humbled' Laura explains how Usborne helped reignite her passion for books and reading, and how she was able to transform this passion into something positive both in terms of her own personal satisfaction and in terms of the financial rewards it has brought for her family:

'My Usborne Journey started just five months ago after finding the lovely Carly on facebook whilst on a hunt for something I could do "for me". At this time I was on maternity leave and looking to make some extra money for my family as well as building up my confidence with having a bit of post-natal anxiety. After seeing the wonderful quality and variety of the books on offer I instantly fell in love and was straight away able to begin building a "wish-list" for my two children.

Initially, I was pessimistic in my ability to engage people and get sales but thanks to my Mentor and her wonderful division I was soon armed with amazing tips and racing my way through the incentives! Before I knew it I was a Team Leader myself, filled with a huge sense of pride and accomplishment at how far I'd came in such a short space of time.

Being an Usborne Organiser has allowed me the freedom to work at my own pace as well as giving me the opportunity to build new friendships and encourage people to share the same great experiences I have, I just hope I'm being half as helpful and supportive as Carly has been for me! We are all individual and have different circumstances and styles so you learn something new from each other every day in your network.

Usborne has reignited my passion for reading and gotten me up out of the house doing events and socialising in ways I'd never done before! I now feel like a successful business woman having turned a passion for books into something I can earn from and share far and wide!'

Congratulations Laura! A copy of our January Book of the Month will be winging its way to you very soon.

Nominations for Organiser of the Month...

We look forward to receiving all nominations. You may nominate yourself or any other Organiser. Please email your stories to along with your name and Organiser number. Good luck!