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Ensuring our books are inclusive with Everybody In

17th January 2017

Usborne Books was proud to have been one of the first publishers to sign the Everybody In charter in 2015. We are now pleased to announce our renewed commitment to this important and worthwhile cause.

Devised by Inclusive Minds - a collaboration of consultants and campaigners with a passion for inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility in children's literature - Everybody In is designed to be accessible to everyone. The key aim of the charter is to help all those involved in the book world, no matter how big or small their role may be, to move forward in making books more inclusive. After all, as Inclusive Minds themselves acknowledge, the responsibility for getting inclusive books into the hands of children lies not just with the publishers, but with everyone working with children and books.

In renewing our pledge, we are united with Inclusive Minds in their belief that every child should have access to and be able to enjoy great books that are representative of our diverse society. To this end, we endeavour to undertake the following:

  • Attend events and discussions around the areas of inclusion and diversity.
  • Continually question whether the characters and subjects represented in our books reflect the diversity of the world we live in an authentic manner.
  • Discuss inclusion and diversity with our colleagues, ensuring it is at the forefront of our agenda during editorial meetings, and challenge those who downplay its importance.
  • Ensure we keep up with the latest developments in this area by signing up with relevant newsletters. 

Our Organisers are vital in helping us fulfil our pledge, and we are confident that you will be as enthusiastic and excited as we are about joining us in achieving our goals. We have signed the agreement collectively, and we would encourage all our Organisers to consider their own personal ideas on how we can work towards bringing about some real changes.

Together, we can help break down barriers and challenge sterotypes, ensuring that for our children and future generations, when it comes to Usborne Books, Everybody's In.