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Stay Brilliant - The Spectacular Launch of 2017 review

16th January 2017

The focus of this year's big Usborne Books at Home event was 'Stay Brilliant', a message that resonated with everyone who attended.

The event kicked off on Friday evening with our largest number of Organisers in attendence. As the doors to the Grand Ballroom opened, our first-time attendees were greeted with rapturous applause from our previous attendees.

Managing Director, Mark Franklin, and Business & Leadership Development Manager, Sue Pittman, took to the stage to welcome everyone and remind us of what an amazing year 2016 was.

During a delicious three-course dinner, our 2016 Achievement Award winners were announced and the overwhelming support shown for everyone in the room was truly a sight to behold.

Take a look at our list of Achievement Award winners and finalists from the night...

One of the biggest highlights of the evening had to be the announcement of the winners of the 'Up, Up and Away' Travel Incentive to Las Vegas and the additional Wildcard Prize Draw. Please check our Recognising Success blog for the list of well-deserving winners of this fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Saturday proved to be a truly 'brilliant' day. With the help of our inspirational Guest Speaker, Andy Cope, attendees were not only encouraged to assess their work with Usborne, but also consider the bigger picture in terms of their own personal happiness, satisfaction and success. 

After Andy's thought-provoking and motivational opening to the day's agenda, Sue Pittman gave us the opportunity to focus on 'why do we do Usborne?'. Becky Budd then welcomed some fantastic guest speakers to the stage to discuss the benefits of the Business Development Programme before we all took a well-earned lunch break.

After lunch, we were privileged to hear from our founder, Peter Usborne, and Publishing Director, Jenny Tyler, who showcased a whole host of wonderful new titles via a video message.

Our digital partner, Shelley Röstlund, followed this with an inspiring talk about the changing digital landscape and we heard some great stories from Helen McIntyre and Keely Horn on Facebook Ads and Facebook Live respectively.

Mark announced the highly-anticipated travel destination for our next Up, Up and Away incentive. Who will be joining us on our greatest adventure yet?

The day came to a close on another thoughtful note with Mark's Message from the MD, which invited us all to think about how we can do things better. We were very excited to find out the very special 2018 Awards Celebration for our upcoming Achievement Award winners which will take place next year. The whole thing was captured 'live' and can still be viewed on our facebook page.

A special thank you to our fantastic speakers - the Organisers who plucked up the courage to stand on that stage and share their stories. They really were incredible.

Here's to a *brilliant* 2017!

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