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Promoting to Executive Leader

24th November 2016

"I joined Usborne Books at Home at the end of September 2014 on a complete whim after attending a friend’s coffee morning. I had written a long list of books I wanted to purchase and decided it would be better to join and then buy the books cheaper for myself. Never, at this point, did I consider this as an opportunity to increase my own income. I had just stopped a business and was planning on having a break. Although I had that long list of books I wished to purchase, I didn’t quite have enough for a£100 order. So I decided to hold my own coffee morning with some Mums from school to help top it up. To my surprise those ten mothers spent more than I was expecting and soon I had achieved my Quickstart Programme Kit Boost.

I enjoyed that morning so much and realised that if I got to £600 worth of orders I could offer my school up to 60% in free books by running a sponsored reading event, so I set out to find the other orders and quickly hit my Kit Refund too.

This is where I planned to stop my Usborne journey but my friend/Mentor and I thought it would be fun to attend the company gala and at this point everything changed. Inspired by the wonderful stories from people, no different from me, providing a great lifestyle for their families, I began to see the potential I was sitting on and that Team Leader was where I needed to be. I went home fired up and got to work. Three weeks later I was a leader.

This was now the beginning of a new, exciting journey. Being a leader and having a team was great fun and I fell in love with the recruiting side of the business but with it came new challenges. I had to learn how to coach people efficiently and learning how to qualify each month took time, but I got there.

In July 2015, my fourth child arrived and with it more new challenges on how to work with a new-born and a bigger family car that needed to be paid for! At this point I knew I wanted more but as events had become trickier to attend, I put my focus into growing my team.

Since making that decision my business has grown and grown. This year I promoted to Group Leader in June, Divisional Leader in August and Executive Leader in October. Although these 'titles' are lovely, it’s the financial benefit from growing my business that has had the biggest impact on my family. My income from Usborne has paid for passports for us all, our first family holiday abroad, the family car we needed, countless day trips out, taking the kids away in every school holiday... it has paid off my overdrafts and allowed me for the first time in years to have savings. On top of this, my income has now overtaken my husband's which means we now have financial security knowing that we can afford to live off either one or our incomes.

I honestly can’t express enough the positive effect Usborne has had on the lives of my family. This business won’t always be easy but it is so incredibly worth it and the best bit? Helping other people to grow their businesses and experience the same work-life balance I feel so lucky to have found."

Thank you for sharing your story, Sarah.  We're so excited to see what the next stage of your journey will bring.