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A Double Promotion Bonus hat trick!

22nd November 2016

Back in September, Emma Watson shared her story with us, stating that Usborne had really changed her life. Her business is still going from strength to strength so we decided to catch up with her after some very special achievements...

"It's been such an exciting journey so far, but the highlight has been promoting my first three team leaders in October and all within their Quickstart Programme Double Promotion Bonus timescale!

Having my team keen to hit those incentives is massively important for both their businesses and mine. They have all received my training on the benefits of the Quickstart Programme and have seen that they can really use the programme to boost their businesses right from the start.

Ranging from Laura, who has been with me from the beginning, to Emma, who promoted only six weeks into her business, these ladies have built a sturdy foundation for their future with Usborne. The Quickstart Programme has set them up to continue to work and grow their businesses in a stable manner.

Recruiting has been a lot of fun these last few months, as many people have joined us. We think this is down to them feeling our genuine excitement and love for the company and wanting to be a part of that. Laura, Emma and Kim quickly realised that just sharing what they love about Usborne brings great results and great people to work with.

This goes for the sales too. Sharing and showing the books to people really helps and being able to provide a shopping experience online or at home, gives people something they just don't get anywhere else. Using this and teaching it well to their teams, the ladies have secured fantastic sales volume which was key to them promoting.

By utilising what is available within the Quickstart Programme, they have given themselves the best start possible. 

I am so proud of them all and I'm so excited to see where they will go next!"

Thank you for sharing, Emma and congratulations everyone.