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Step outside your comfort zone

27th September 2016

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can make a real difference to you and your business. Usborne Organiser, Sara Sumner shares an exciting story about what happened when she did just that...

"A few months ago I was approached by our local community radio station to come in for an interview for their morning 'tearoom' slot. They use this slot to feature local businesses - predominantly mums. I jumped at the chance to do this as I always have the motto of 'nothing ventured, nothing gained!'. In my first interview we spoke about Usborne, how I started my business and why I enjoy it. I introduced my 'Summer Sponsored Reading Challenge' which I was running over the summer to raise money for books for our local Children's Hospice, Julia's House.

I was then invited back for a second interview! I was able to expand on my first visit and speak about how the sponsored reading event went. I also shared my delight in informing a Community Nurse from the Hospice that they are going to receive £200 worth of books from me.

I was able to promote Sponsored Reading Events for Schools (of which, I am hoping to have a few in the pipeline in the forthcoming months). I was also able to introduce my new charity drive for the forthcoming months which is a Community Book Pledge for two local good causes. I have now been invited back to talk about this nearer to Christmas and I have been given an open invitation to come in at any time when I have something on that I want to talk about!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the station and feel that it is a great community link to have forged."

Thank you so much for sharing, Sara. We hope to see you enjoy continued success through your relationship with your community radio station.