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Intoducing... Team Usborne

7th January 2013

We're so excited about the promise that 2013 brings Usborne Books at Home and wanted to mark Usborne's special Ruby Anniversary year with a great Incentive that gives you the chance to become part of the Usborne 'Elite' - Team Usborne.

What is Team Usborne?
Designed to recognise your business success and reward you with some great benefits to help you accomplish even more, Team Usborne really is simple - you achieve and you will receive!

With helpful little advantages such as free delivery, discounted new titles and business leads, to exclusive offers and once-in-a-lifetime events - Team Usborne offers so many benefits that will help you on your way to true business success. And the best bit? Anyone can be a Member of Team Usborne, from those just starting out to our more established Organisers - the great business booster is available to all.

There's strength in numbers and if you want your business to be a force to be reckoned with, Team Usborne is the Incentive for you!

Levels of Membership

There are three levels of membership with specific criteria and benefits for each level. Anyone can qualify and the more you achieve, the more you will receive in benefits to help you build your business even further.


  • Elite Level (which is split into Elite Leader and Elite Member categories)


  • Select Level


  • Member Level


Read more about the benefits and criteria for each level and visit the 'Team Usborne' webpage for more details. Now is the time to hatch your plan for qualification in the May-August season, so that you could be revelling in true Usborne 'Elite' status this spring.

Wishing you all the very best of luck!