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"I was told Usborne would change my life - and it has!"

15th September 2016

At Usborne Books at Home, our vision is to provide everyone with the opportunity to write a better story for their family. Organiser, Emma Watson shares with us the impact that joining has had on her life.

"I was told that Usborne would change my life - and it has. In more ways than just financially.

I was actually a customer of (my now Mentor) Helen initially, buying books for my baby, my 'bookworm' seven year old daughter, my colouring-obsessed eight year old son and my nine year old son who suffers with dyslexia, dyspraxia and hypermobility.

When I watched how Usborne books changed my son overnight, I wanted to become more involved. He was enjoying reading, his Occupational Therapist started recommending the Wipe-Clean titles to other parents and his writing has improved so much that he's now learning cursive!

I was unhappy in my job, I had a whole house full of people with a love for the products and I was being offered the chance to 'write a better story for my family'. I had already signed up a whole month before on a whim and just not realised HOW much of a difference it would make to me. It was only £38, what could it really change? Little did I know!

So I read the Passport to Success booklet in my Starter Kit for the 100th time, set about recruiting a team, taking care of them well, sharing with people just what the products have done for my children, and here I am.  I have just achieved my Quickstart Programme 'Double Promotion Bonus'.

It's not work. It's not the daily grind. It's not hard selling. It's sharing, showing, recommending and loving what you offer and what you do. And I LOVE what I do."

What a story! Thank you so much for sharing, Emma.