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The Usborne library launch

2nd August 2016

Earlier this year, over £16,000 was raised by our Organisers to establish an Usborne library in Africa, in partnership with the charity School Aid.

This huge amount of money has funded a school library at Impala Crescent in South Africa. This is a school that, with over 910 students, only had 200 books in their library - but not anymore!

The library launch coincided with celebrations of the national holiday, Mandela Day. All of the pupils were invited to see their new library and all the beautiful books donated by Usborne Books at Home.

Not only has Usborne funded the library and books, but with the money raised, School Aid has also been able to train a Library Assistant who will be there full time, guiding the children through the resources the library has to offer.

School Aid knows what a difference this will make to these children. Janis Mowlam, Chairman of School Aid, said:

"I have seen first hand how the libraries really change the lives of these children and give them a better future. We are so grateful that Usborne Books at Home have raised such a huge sum of money and have allowed us to help another school and so many children."

Mark Franklin, Managing Director of Usborne Books at Home, is keen to continue the partnership with School Aid. Future plans include a fantastic new Reading Club Programme, which will be launched in Lesotho towards the end of 2016. This too will encourage a love of books and learning for primary school children who may never have had the opportunity to own their own book.

And there's more...

With the remainder of the money raised, School Aid will work with Vuka-Uzenzele Primary School in Pretoria East, where learners come from the poorer communities in Mamelodi and Nelmapius.

The school has 1,200 children and is in great need of a library and we're very pleased to be part of this project.

A huge thank you to everyone who played their part in raising this life-changing sum of money for disadvantaged children.