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Organiser of the Month - Natasha Canfer

24th August 2016

Carron Charlesworth shares her reasons for nominating her inspiring team member, Natasha Canfer, for Organiser of the Month...

"I deliver twins antenatal classes and I met Natasha at a class when she was heavily pregnant. Just before she gave birth, we started talking about her joining Usborne, and we picked up the conversation when her babies were just a week old. She signed up when her babies were just over 11 weeks old!

To say that Natasha has hit the ground running with her Usborne business is an understatement, she lets nothing get in her way. Natasha fits Usborne in around life at home (and not much sleep), and she does it in such a cheerful, positive way – it is an absolute pleasure to be her Mentor.

So far, she has succeeded in getting her Quickstart Programme Kit Boost and her Kit Refund. She is looking forward to working with schools and has a head full of ideas on where she’d like to take her business. I cannot believe she has only been with Usborne Books at Home for two months!

Everything is coming together really well for her and Natasha even takes her children along to work with her sometimes. Her enthusiasm and love for our books is very clear to see and I am really excited to see Natasha’s ‘business in a box’ go from strength to strength. I am a twin mum myself and I know how totally exhausting those early days with two young babies can be - and I didn't have a sibling to entertain so I am totally in awe of her and what she has achieved so far. Hats off to Natasha, her determination, passion and sheer dedication have got her Usborne adventure off to an amazing start."

Here's what Natasha had to say about her Usborne success story so far:

"I got involved with Usborne Books at Home completely by accident at the end of May and am so glad I did! I'd been reluctant to do so as I'm not a salesperson and was worried no one would want to buy anything from me - which luckily hasn't been my reality.

I have always been totally obsessed by books and now that I have three children, children's books are an enormous part of my life. Working with Usborne Books at Home means that I can now combine children, books and a little bit of work (although it doesn't feel like work in any way). I can earn some money to pay for treats for us all. It's great that I can work flexibly and I love sharing the amazing books and games with our friends and family. I now also sell to strangers -  something I never thought would happen!

Since starting at the end of May I've been involved with storytelling afternoons, charity events, village community initiatives and other activities organised by local schools, nurseries and other child-friendly organisations.

I really enjoy seeing children's eyes light up when they find a book that changes their world and becoming 'The Accidental Bookseller' helps make that happen"

Thank you both so much for sharing. Congratulations, Natasha -  we will be sending you a copy of First Book about the Orchestra (our August Book of the Month) shortly.

I'd like to be considered for Organiser of the Month...

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