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Stories of self-belief

14th June 2016

Usborne Books at Home can change lives in so many ways. We often hear success stories about how a box full of Usborne books has been the beginning of something that really builds self-confidence.

Team Leaders, Sarah Barrett and Laura Elliot have invested in some 'L' plates and have both headed back out on the road on a mission to pass their driving tests. They both believe that Usborne has given them the confidence to go for it:

Sarah Barrett:

"I have never been the sort of person to let something hold me back , but not being able to drive did limit me. I used to deliver books on my bike with my handlebars and basket over flowing, I would drag a huge suitcase on wheels around on public transport or get friends or my partner to take me to events.

I had previously tried driving lessons at 18 and I hated it so it was not something that entered my head until I became a Team Leader with Usborne. I realised I was holding myself back and limiting myself with what I could do.

So I started lessons again, paid for by my Usborne earnings. I even got a little car to practise in!

With the patience of my partner, my passion for Usborne and the thought of future possibilities, I stuck at it even when I doubted myself or had a bad lesson. I passed on my second attempt and still haven't stopped smiling.

I didn't ever use not driving as an excuse to not do things, but now I really do feel the world is my oyster and there's no stopping me. My confidence has grown and I am looking forward to driving to the next Leadership Academy if my next goal goes to plan!"

Laura Elliot:

I first took driving lessons and sat my test when I was 18. After failing for the third time, I simply gave up and life moved on.

Fast forward 16 years, moving to the outskirts of town with my husband, having two children and life without a car does become a little trickier. The long summer holidays rely on us getting the bus everywhere. Despite this secretly infuriating me, I would never admit it, not even really to myself… until now.

I joined Usborne back in November 2015, just to make a little extra money for my family. Little did I know that my business would actually take off and after just four months, I would have my own team and promote to Team Leader. As a result of being part of the Business Development Programme, I have really started to analyse my business and look at what is stopping me moving even further forward.The biggest stumbling block for me is not being able to drive. Usborne has encouraged me to delve deep to those feelings of frustration, bring them to the surface, acknowledge them and more importantly, do something about them.

I applied for my license again a few weeks ago and now have lessons booked starting at the end of the month. After all, if I can go from nothing to a Team Leader in four months, then surely I can pass a driving test!

Whilst joining Usborne has given me the finances needed to take lessons again, it really isn’t about that at all. It’s about the confidence it has given me to finally face up to a hurdle and do something about it. That is priceless.

My wonderful mentor Rona has been such an amazing support to me and when achieving Team Leader status, she gave me a beautiful bracelet saying ‘She believed she could, so she did’ and it has a charm with 2016 on it. I’m going to make this quote apply twice this year. I am so ‘driven’ to pass my test by the time 2016 is over. Usborne has allowed me to believe I can, so I will."

Thank you so much for sharing, ladies. We hope that this will inspire other Organisers to stretch themselves - you never know what may come of it!