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Focus on - Nicki Ramplin

26th October 2012

This month for our 'Focus On' feature we spoke to the wonderfully enthusiastic, Nicki Ramplin who has recently promoted to Team Leader. Over to you Nicki...

Nicki Ramplin


Where do you live?
West Sussex

Tell us more about your current situation?
I'm a full time mum, currently doing Usborne full time on a 'part time' basis to fit around my family commitments.

How long have you been an Organiser?
10 months

How and where were you recruited?
I met my now Team Leader, Lisa Colley, at the Leeds Castle Christmas Fair. At the end of the day I stumbled across the Usborne book stall (though I think my daughter Lilly spotted it first!)

I ticked 'maybe' to earning money on the prize draw slip and Lisa was quick to hand me some information, which I enjoyed reading on the way home.

The timing was perfect as I was on maternity leave and knew that if I went back to work I would be faced with the school timetable coupled with a commute into work.

However, it was also about Lisa and how she came across, not just at the fair but in the couple of months after, whilst I thought about my options. I don't take decisions lightly and Lisa was able to answer all of my many questions! I soon realised I could 'copy' everything she did and once I joined I realised how successful she really was, and wanted to be just like her!

What do you love most about being an Usborne Organiser?
I love the flexibility and the opportunity to be in control of my own destiny.

Tell us more about your story:
This time last year, if someone had said to me next year you'll have a successful business selling Usborne books, I would never have believed them!

I live in West Sussex and I'm married with two gorgeous girls, Lilly aged 4, who has just started school and Isabel 15 months... she helps me with my business.

I previously worked in a design studio of a well known greeting card publisher and enjoyed managing a team of people, but the job was no longer challenging and it would have been hard to maintain around the changing needs of my family.

In the summer I was made redundant and I haven't looked back! I absolutely love my job, I wake up each morning with the excitement of wondering how the day will unfold and even if I have no particular Usborne plans, I can guarantee, I will have a booking or interest from someone about what I do.

I am hugely driven and since having my children, I really do squeeze everything out of my days. The highlight for me is being a Team Leader; as Val said, if there had been a choice of picking up a 'Leaders Pack', I would have done! I plan my time and really enjoy supporting my team, I'm looking forward to the success of their businesses.

The best advice I was given was to build a local team to cover all the opportunities, and yet I still don't have enough people! I set out from the beginning to earn some serious money but I could never have imagined how much fun it would be.

I was very fortunate to meet Lisa and I thank her for helping me get this far. I am very excited about the future and this year I will be on the other side of the table at Leeds Castle, and I'm looking forward to giving others the opportunity I've had.

Thanks for sending in your story Nicki, no doubt your infectious attitude will encourage lots more people to start their own Usborne businesses!