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Working with School Aid - an update

6th May 2016

School Aid is a charitable organisation that supports education in Africa by providing good quality materials to meet the diverse needs of disadvantaged children in poor communities.

In 2016, as Usborne Books at Home celebrates  its 35th anniversary, we are hoping to raise enough money to establish an Usborne library in Africa.

An update...

Up until 30th April 2016, all Quickstart Programme achievements resulted in donations to School Aid. Over the last four months, we have had 180 Kit Boost achievers, 110 Kit Refund achievers, 25 Recruiter's Reward achievers and eight Double Promotion Bonus achievers. That's a lot of donations!

Also, for the entire period in which we redeemed World Book Day tokens (26th February - 3rd May 2016), both you and your customers could choose to donate a portion, or indeed all, of a party or school event's free book allowance to School Aid.

Along with some incredible personal fundraising via our Just Giving page and over 400 new Organisers in January (each resulting in a £10 donation), the total now stands at over £10,000! 

The final push...

Remember that you can still get involved in this brilliant cause.

In May, we are offering a £28 Starter Kit, with a £10 donation to School Aid for every one sold. So not only can you help people to 'write better stories for their families' by talking to them about this amazing business opportunity with Usborne, but you can also provide an opportunity for children in Africa to have a more prosperous future. 

Why not set yourself the challenge - 'how many new Organisers can I add to my team this month?'

We look forward to presenting a cheque to representatives from School Aid at our 35th Birthday Party at the end of May, complete with the latest joining offer figures.

Thank you to all those who have helped to make sure our totaliser has continued to grow - let's not stop now!