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A look back on Breathtaking Beijing...

26th April 2016

What an incredible five days we had on the 2016 Travel Incentive to Breathtaking Beijing! Hear from some of our amazing Organisers who flew up, up and away on this trip of a lifetime...

Kate L'argent

"China had always been somewhere I'd hoped I would visit. I wanted to walk on the Great Wall, see those curly rooftops with their dragons lining up on the corners... I always thought it looked interesting but in reality, it was amazing! We had a great time on our trip and packed so much in. From the views to the pandas, silk factories, tea rooms and exotic temples and palaces - I loved every minute!

We are all so lucky to have a job that we enjoy and to have the opportunity to win Travel Incentive trips like this is a very juicy cherry on the icing of a very scrummy cake!"

Heidi Thomas

"Beijing or indeed China, was not somewhere that had ever been on my hit list of places to visit, but having been on Usborne Travel Incentives before, I knew that it would be a fabulous trip. However, I was not at all prepared for how amazing the trip would be, from the company, to the food (I was REALLY nervous about that bit!) to all the amazing things we saw and experienced. Our wonderful guide (who was like our Chinese Mum), took care of everything whilst sharing the history of her country through her personal story.

It feels completely surreal to know that I have stood on the Great Wall of China, an experience I would never have had without Usborne. Thank you Usborne for taking me out of my comfort zone, it really is where the magic happens!"

Lisa Newton

"I cannot believe the things we saw and experienced in just five days. Sharing time with people who are at the top of their Usborne game was in itself an amazing experience, but to do so in places such as Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of China was just out of this world!

We filled those five days with every possible sight, smell and sound. How many people can say they've eaten dinner in a revolving restaurant with the MD of Usborne Books at Home? Priceless!

My long term goal is to strengthen my Usborne business so that I can continue to experience the Usborne Travel Incentive!"

Carly Cavilla-Hunt

"Beijing was incredible. The city itself was amazing and the Great Wall was such a humbling experience - one that will stay with me forever, without a doubt. Aside from it being such an amazing destination though, the trip had so much more added value. It was incredible to spend so much time with friends I'd already made and friends that were made there. Sharing those experiences creates bonds for life.

It was also a time for me - so much time to think, reflect and relax.  I have come back with so much focus and determination for the year ahead! Thank you for organising it and thank you to my wonderful travel companions!"

Liné Cowley

"Beijing was an unforgettable experience. From the old Hutong District to the Great Wall of China, this was a trip that I would never have dreamt of doing, but winning the Travel Incentive gave me this fantastic opportunity. I still have to pinch myself to make sure it was real! Thank you for arranging it all!"

Thank you for sharing, ladies. We're glad you had such a brilliant time and got so much out of the 2016 Travel Incentive.

Do you want to head up, up and away next year?