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Organiser of the Month - Rebecca Ellison

26th April 2016

April's Organiser of the Month was nominated by Keely Horn, who had this to say about her brilliant Mentor, Rebecca Ellison:

"I joined Usborne almost six months ago and from my very first day, Rebecca has been an immense support to me. She believed in me and gave me the confidence to achieve my goal of becoming a Team Leader. But not only that, she motivates our whole team and recognises our successes on our Facebook group page, as well as sending chocolate and a hand written note each month! I'm so glad she was assigned as my Mentor. Thank you Rebecca!"

Here is what Rebecca had to say...

"When I first joined Usborne, it was to be my 'me time'; something different that I could do to get a bit of extra money and some books for my own little bookworms.

My Mentor spoke to me about recruiting, however I didn’t think I had the time with family and other job commitments.

Eventually, I thought "why not; let's give it a go!". My first recruit was amazing and very quickly started to grow her own team. She actually promoted before I did! It sort of made me realise exactly what I could be doing and how much bigger Usborne could be for me; that maybe it wasn’t just a 'small on the side thing' but that it could actually be my 'job'!

I really enjoy mentoring a team. I love seeing people grow in confidence as their businesses develop and they start making a real change to their families lives. Most importantly, it's great to see how the confidence they gain from their business filters through to all aspects of their lives. I love the diversity of the team members, all of whom bring something different. We all learn from each other, sharing that infectious passion for the books.

The 'lightbulb moments' when you are working with a recruit make it all the more special - when it all clicks and they see how it will work for them and what they want. It can be hard as you learn to balance supporting them and being a personal 'cheerleader', but it's important to remember to step back and let them build the business they want.

My biggest tip to others becoming Mentors would be to listen to your recruits when discussing what they want. Also, remember you can often learn as much from them as they can from you."

Congratulations, Rebecca! We will be sending you a copy of Big Wipe-Clean Farmyard Tales Activity Book (our April Book of the Month) shortly.

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