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An amazing donation to School Aid

31st March 2016

As we continue to raise money to establish an Usborne Library in Africa with School Aid, it's wonderful to see so many Organisers getting involved.

Jane Dickinson recently worked with a school, whose generousity deserves a huge round of applause! Take a look at the story...

"Bridgemere CE Primary School is a small Cheshire school with 4 classes. I retired as its Headteacher in 2014, but I still have close links with the school.

I joined Usborne eight months ago so I decided to see if Bridgemere would be my first Sponsored Read school! The new Head agreed and all the staff liked the idea of encouraging everyone – children, parents, grandparents and staff to spend some extra time reading. They also liked the idea of increasing each class’s stock of books.

The Head said that "as a Christian school we aim to help others too. I’d like some of the money raised to go to a charity."

Whilst I was Head, I had linked Bridgemere with Marongo Primary School in Uganda. I am passionate about world development issues and had visited Marongo several times, taking Gerald the giraffe (our school mascot) with me. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that School Aid’s logo and posters incorporate a giraffe!

To cut a long story short, the school agreed to donate a substantial proportion of their free books to School Aid! The final amount that Bridgemere raised through the ever so successful Sponsored Read and subsequent Book Fair was £800!

Due to the success, Usborne donated £480 in free books and Bridgemere subsequently donated £201 worth of those books to School Aid. Thank you so much, Bridgemere!"

Thank you so much for sharing, Jane. This is so brilliant!

Remember, for the entire period in which we are redeeming World Book Day tokens (26th February - 3rd May 2016), you or your customers can choose to donate a portion, or indeed all, of a party or school event's free book allowance to School Aid.