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"I am already so excited about how our lives will be better because of this!"

18th February 2016

"I got the exciting email confirming that I have successfully qualified for the Kit Boost today! I thought I'd tell you my story of the last 17 days since receiving my Starter Kit.

I joined Usborne after signing up on the 28th January and last night I submitted my fourth £100+ order. I have done one party at a friends house where I took two £100+ orders and I also did a Facebook party last night where I took two £100+ orders in just two hours! I am aiming for my Kit Refund next and really hope I make it.

I'm a mum to our almost five year old twins but before becoming a mum, I was a primary school teacher. My husband is also a teacher and when we were unexpectedly blessed with twins, we made the decision for me to be a stay at home mum. When the twins were 10 months old, we relocated from London to Derbyshire. I tried returning to work as a Teaching Assistant as a double teaching workload wouldn't leave much of a work-life balance to spend with our children.

I found being a TA wasn't as rewarding as I'd hoped. When our children started school, I found it hard having to miss special assemblies or not being about to help on a school trip.

Although I've only been doing Usborne for the last 17 days, I am already feeling so excited about how much our lives will be better because of this. I can help people find lovely books that my own children enjoy and I can I can do it all when I want to.

I've now secured a monthly slot at a local holiday park in their soft play centre and I'm booked in to attend a Mother and Baby fair in March. I can not wait to be allowed to work with local schools as well.

Thanks Usborne - for turning an anxious Mum of two into a very happy and excited Mum of two!"

Thank you for sharing your passion for Usborne, Beth. We can't wait to see how you continue to thrive with Passport to Success.

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