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Organiser of the Month - Sarah Storr

19th January 2016

This January, we are launching 'Organiser of the Month' as a way to celebrate outstanding success and well-earned achievements. The chosen Organiser will be sent the current 'Book of the Month' as a prize.

Presenting our very first winner, Sarah Storr...

"I began my Usborne journey in May 2015, wanting to earn a little extra for my family, and thought (what most of us do in the beginning), 'oh well, its only £38 lets see!' From the moment I first spoke to my Mentor, Sophie Whiffen, I was totally inspired and in awe of her story and thought 'ok, she's a nice normal Mummy like me, I can do this'.

At the end of August, I gained one recruit, and decided I should go into the autumn 'silly season' with an open mind. By day two I had two brand new team members - both recruited over breakfast emails and chats.

I felt very excited and thought 'ok, I have this in the bag.' Little did I know that it would be a race to the finish! By the last week in September, I was all set with recruits four and five. I was also excited by the prospect that I had also gained a third line in less than four weeks. Finally, all of my ladies placed orders and I tipped the required £1500 volume and made it to Team Leader by the skin of my teeth!

October and November turned out to be just as exhilarating as September. My team was expanding so fast. I had gone from myself and my one recruit at the beginning of September to a team of 15 in just under 10 weeks...

November turned out to be extra special for me because I gained a Team Leader and also a third line Team Leader. I was blown away as both of these ladies had achieved ALL of the Quickstart Programme incentives and I had become the first Team Leader in our division to have a second and third line Leader.

I have just returned from the Spring Conference and Gala Awards and I cannot say how positive I feel about the year ahead. To be entering the new season at Gold Level of the Business Development Programme with two lovely team members beside me is just amazing (so thank you Claire Heywood and Samantha Connolly!).

I cannot wait to see what 2016 holds for us all. To all the other ladies in my downline, I thank you all for your hard work.

I also need to say a huge thank you to my wonderful, awe-inspiring Mentor, Sophie Whiffen. Without her, none of this would have been possible. You are always so motivational and this year, I promise to achieve even bigger and better things."

What an incredible story - and all in less than nine months! Congratulations, Sarah.  We will be sending you a copy of Baby's Very First Play Book Animal Words (our January Book of the Month) shortly.

I'd like to be considered for Organiser of the Month

We look forward to receiving all nominations. You may nominate yourself or any other Organiser. Please email your stories to along with your name and Organiser number. Good luck!