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Working with School Aid - an update

4th February 2016

School Aid is a charitable organisation that supports education in Africa by providing good quality materials to meet the diverse needs of disadvantaged children in poor communities.

The relationship between Usborne Books at Home and School Aid goes back a number of years, with many Organisers and Leaders having donated books or free book allowances to this wonderful cause. But in 2016, as we celebrate our 35th Birthday, we want to do something even bigger and better by raising enough money to establish an Usborne library in Africa.

An update...

We are thrilled to announce that as of the end of January, we have had 452 New Organisers join Usborne Books at Home. That's over £4000 towards our target already - wow! Thank you to everyone who has played their part in getting our fundraising off to the best possible start.

The next push...

Remember that future donations will partly come from Quickstart Programme achievements:

£10 for every Kit Boost
£15 for every Kit Refund
£20 for every Recruiter's Reward
£35 for every Double Promotion Bonus

Take a look at the Passport to Success booklet today to see how you (or your Mentee) can reach each milestone.

Our webpage includes lots more information about this exciting new Usborne fundraiser and how you can get involved.