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Get all wrapped up!

19th December 2015

Have you started wrapping your Christmas presents yet? How about creating your own unique wrapping paper design! Follow the simple step-by-step instructions below and see what pretty patterns you can make...


1. You will need a large cookie cutter and a potato that is bigger than the cutter.  
2. Carefully cut a slice from the middle of the potato. Press the cookie cutter into the slice.  
3. Push out the shape you have cut. You may need some help with the last two steps.  
4. Dab both sides of the potato shape on some kitchen paper towels to dry it.  
5. Press a fork into the shape. This will stop you from getting too messy when you print.  
6. Pour two or three small patches of paint onto an old newspaper. Do them close together.  
7. Dip the potato shape into the middle of the paint, then press it onto a piece of paper.  
8. Dip the shape into the paint again, then print it. Fill the paper with lots of printed shapes.  

Finally, you can wrap presents in your printed paper and tie a shiny ribbon around them.

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