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Start your Usborne business for just £28 and we'll donate £10 to School Aid!

11th January 2016

At Usborne Books at Home, we offer you the chance to open your own 'pop-up bookshop', selling award-winning children's books at parties, schools and other events. 

With every Starter Kit purchased in January, we will donate £10 to School Aid - a fantastic charity that supports education and learning in disadvantaged communities in Africa.

During 2016, we are working with them, aiming to raise enough money to build an 'Usborne library' over in Africa; so the good work our Organisers do throughout the UK and Europe will be able to stretch so much further with books that make a real difference to children.

So that's one great reason to join, but what about what Usborne can do for you in your life?

This new year, find a new you.

Our company vision is to 'provide everyone with the opportunity to write a better story for their family'. However that story unfolds is up to you.

Becoming an Independent Organiser is a really unique business opportunity. Not only is it flexible and hugely rewarding, it also requires no previous selling experience. All you need is a passion for Usborne and a little bit of self belief.

If you choose to sign up, you will be sent a gorgeous range of books and stationery (worth over £150!) and have help from a Mentor from the beginning. There are also lots of exciting incentives to motivate you with our Passport to Success programme - a collection of milestones that will help you achieve the business success you want.

Usborne can offer that important work-life balance, whilst giving you the chance to be your own boss and aim for lots of lovely rewards - all this for just £28. Amazing!

I'd like to become an Organiser, how do I join?

Get in touch today to find out more about becoming an Usborne Organiser and take a look at the video below.

What's in the Starter Kit?

Find out what's in the January Starter Kit by looking at the table below.

Starter Kit Contents
Stock codeTitleQuantity in KitRetail value 
S0254 Customer Order Pad 1 0
S0269 Passport to Success Booklet 1 0
S0256 Agreement Pad 1 0
S0251 Party Bookmarks (100) 1 £2.00
S0280 Home & School Spring Leaflet 2016 (50) 1 £4.00
S0271 Complete Catalogue 2016 4 £8.00
00054 French for Beginners 1 £5.99
08036 Planet Earth (Beginners) 1 £4.99
08514 Wish Fish (First Reading 1) 1 £4.99
50703 Pirate Pat (Very First Reading) 1 £4.99
53245 20 Party Invitations to Colour 1 £6.99

1920s Fashion

1 £5.99
53910 War and Peace (Young Reading 3) 1 £4.99
53910 Illustrated Dictionary of Science 1 £17.99
55034 Busy Train (Pull-Back) 1 £14.99
56404 Big Book of the Body 1 £9.99
56516 That's Not My Duck 1 £6.99
58155 Baby's Very First Noisy Book Train 1 £9.99
58188 Magic Painting Book 1 £5.99
58219 Children's Book of Baking Bread 1 £9.99
59674 10 Ten-Minute Stories 1 £12.99
59837 Farm Picture Puzzle Book 1 £9.99

Retail Value excluding stationery   £137.84

Total Retail Value   £151.84


*Organisers joining in the EU will be charged £28 + £12 delivery.

Please note this joining offer will be available until 10am on Monday 1st February 2016 when the price will revert back to £38.

January's Starter Kit contents applies to online sign ups and Agreements received in the office by Post or Fax from 10am on Thursday 17th December 2015 until 10am on Monday 1st February 2016. Any Agreements received outside of these dates will not be eligible for the January Starter Kit and will receive the relevant Kit. Please note: If any item in the pack becomes unavailable, we will replace it with a similar item of at least equal value.