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"Being an Usborne Organiser has been more rewarding than I ever thought!"

25th November 2015

Kate Drennan, a new Organiser in 2015, shares her passion for Usborne and recent Facebook Party success - one of which resulted in a £1000 order!

"I started my Usborne journey in July this year as a hobby to go alongside my part-time teaching position and 'mummy duties'. The promise of free books (for my daughter) combined with my passion for reading meant that becoming an Usborne Organiser was a perfect fit for me.

I was initially very worried that I would struggle to achieve my first £100 order within the initial 12-weeks. But my fabulous mentor Kathy Cooke gave me lots of great advice to help me throw a fun launch party which helped generate sufficient orders for me to achieve the Quickstart Programme Kit Boost incentive within my first three weeks. I had the bug!

With just two weeks before the Kit Refund incentive deadline, I wanted to find a way to get more orders (there’s only so many times you can invite the same group of friends to your house for a book-party!) so I decided to look into organising a Facebook party.

I’m an avid Facebook user and as a military wife, I have developed lots of friend networks across the country as we move around with my husband’s job. I spent the next week researching other Usborne online parties to gather ideas before creating my own Facebook event and shamelessly inviting everyone I knew! Unbelievably I had over 100 people attend the party, which I tried to keep enjoyable and fun throughout with plenty of games, giveaways and competitions mixed in with product information. After a frantic 2.5 hours I was delighted to have taken over £650 of orders which helped me achieve my final incentive and confirmed my passion for Usborne.

Since then I have continued to explore and enjoy the different ways to sell Usborne’s fantastic range; most recently at some local Christmas fetes. I have also run my second Facebook Party with a focus on Christmas, which was even more successful than the first and led to over £1000 of sales, much to my surprise!

Being an Usborne Organiser has been more enjoyable and rewarding than I ever thought it would be. I’m really looking forward to the Gala in January and have my sights set on becoming a Team Leader at some point in the near future!"

Thank you so much for sharing, Kate!
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