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Are you aiming for promotion?

27th November 2015

"I joined Usborne Books at Home in September 2013 in a "see what happens" frame of mind. I could see the potential in the business, but without any direct sales experience, I had no idea how it would pan out or what I could achieve within the company. But for £38, I thought I'd give it a shot!

I knew I wanted to be a Team Leader and made a 12 week plan for how I'd achieve it. I managed to promote within my first 29 days! I knew no different and managed it out of sheer determination and by talking to anyone and everyone about the opportunity!

I attended my first Gala soon afterwards and being surrounded by such inspirational go-getters, I knew I wanted to take this further. I had a season enjoying the perks of 'Team Usborne Elite' (now 'Gold Level of the Business Development Programme') and didn't want to give them up! My team was still small, but I worked with my first Team Leader who promoted in March. That also meant I was halfway to winning the company's travel incentive to Dubai, which gave me the extra push to promote my second Team Leader the following summer, and then promoting to Group Leader myself.

Fast forward to the following January when I went to Dubai for the trip of a lifetime! It was an incredible experience to be among the top Leaders of the company for a whole five days. It also gave me time to assess my business and think about where I wanted it to go. Personally, I had a great deal happening, and my business suffered. At this point, all three of my Team Leaders had demoted and I really felt it was a make or break opportunity.

Upon my return, I knew where I wanted to be by the end of the year and I simply got on with it. I had no time for the excuses that crept into my head! I invested my time into my team, helping them succeed at whatever they wanted in their businesses, whether it was making their first party a success, getting a school booking or growing a team. If that was "success" to them, then I would help them achieve it! I worked with the Leaders from other divisions, sharing ideas and dusting each other off whenever we had a bad day. This resulted in promoting six Team Leaders so far this year, and I should think another two before Christmas. I won the travel incentive to Beijing and promoted to Divisional Leader in October!

I have huge goals for my Division for 2016 and I am incredibly excited to be working for such a genuinely caring company - especially when I am treated to free holidays!"

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story, Sophie.