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Focus on - Vicky Moran

25th September 2012

Our next Focus On story shines the light on Organiser, Vicky Moran, who shares her UsborneBAH story with us.

Vicky Moran


Where do you live?
Basingstoke, Hampshire

Current situation:
I am a stay at home mum to three children aged 8, 3 and 10 months. I fit Usborne around school and nursery hours on a part time basis, at the moment.

Why did you become an Organiser?
I saw an advert for one of the Box Set Offers so asked if I could get it and Zoe Rainbow (now my Team Leader!) suggested I host a party to get the set for free, so I did and the next party I did was my own! I decided to join as I wanted something extra for me and for me to earn my own money.

What do you love most about being an Usborne Organiser?
If I knew it would be this much of a buzz, I'd have joined up sooner! I love it when customers have written back to me to say how much they love the books or when I reached that £100 sales mark - you can't beat it!

Tell us your story:
Once I joined Usborne at the end of July I was very excited to get going and try to sell the books so I decided to host a party which Zoe Rainbow (my Team Leader) kindly said she would attend to hold my hand. It was a disaster! Only 1 person turned up!  However, we ended up having a really nice evening anyway and although I felt slightly disheartened I wasn't going to give up that easily!

I have a great Facebook group I go on which I joined when pregnant with my youngest as we all had babies due in November, we then carried on chatting through birth and beyond and our babies our now all coming up to their first birthdays, a few of us that live near each other have become friends in "real life" too.  However, some of the other ladies live quite a distance away but once I told them that I had just joined Usborne Books at Home, they were very eager to get their hands on a catalogue! From that I received orders worth just over £82!  I was eager to try another party but wasn't having much luck but a friend said that they were off on holiday over Christmas so wanted to do their Christmas shopping as well as some birthday presents! We went through the catalogue and the special offers and that was that!
I then took my books to a toddler group that was rather quiet and didn't hold out much hope but set up my display and smiled sweetly and got 3 orders worth about £45!  I then had a past customer wanting to order a few more bits.
Next, I hosted another party at my house, which resulted in a few more orders but I also set up my Facebook page where I post all of my special offers to friends, family etc. From that, a few more people contacted me and wanted to order some books, mainly the Very First Reading Box Set and Puzzle Packs and then I was able to reach the £100.
When working towards my fifth order, I bumped into a friend in Tesco and was telling her about what I do so I gave her my website details, she got home, had a look and ordered the Phonics Readers Set! I took a catalogue into where I used to work and my old boss ordered a Christmas present for her young nephew. I then did another toddler group and although busy had NO bites at all and was just packing up when I was approached by a lady who wanted to make an order...

After that I chatted to a neighbour who couldn't make my party and started telling him about the offers we have on at the moment and was able to show him as had them in the back of my car! He then ordered the Very First Reading Box Set.  The next day a friend came round for lunch with her husband and was very interested to hear what I was up to, had a look at the books and made a large order!

Then whilst on Facebook, a friend popped up in chat asking if I had "Quest of the Gods" books as her son had the first one. I told her about the offer so she bought the set as it was cheaper than doing it individually! I then got very excited as I thought I had done my 6x£100 orders, I was convinced but NO! I then remembered my disaster with my first order! There and then I set myself a target that I would get my next order so that I qualify to sell to schools, libraries etc by the end of the following week. 
The next day after the school run, I had just logged on to my laptop when I saw an email from one of my husband's colleagues. She wanted to place an order, so far so good! About an hour later I received a phone call from a gentleman who has been friends with my in-laws for over thirty-five years and he mentioned that my husband had sent him an email telling him about what I do and if he knows anyone that may be interested, to pass my details on etc.

He mentioned that he has four grandsons and would like to support me with my new business and could I choose some books for him and email them over.  So I did, he called back loving my ideas and made an order for over £76!  Thanks to this order I had only gone and done it!!!!!! I had finally reached my goal within 24 hours!!!!!
My advice to new Organisers? Don’t give up.  If your first party or sales order is a disaster, the next one doesn’t have to be! Just keep going and the only way is up! Once people see how passionate you are about the books, the selling just comes naturally and people will want to buy!

Thanks for sharing your story Vicky, it really shows that your perseverance and determination paid off - a great message to share.