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A Gala Message from the MD

11th November 2015

"Saturday 3rd February (yes February!) 2001. I attended my first ever Usborne Books at Home event – the Gala Awards presentation at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham. Literally hidden in the corner with a CD player fading songs up… and fading songs down… as high flying achievers walked up on stage and walked back down clutching awards, flowers and all sorts of other accolades to commemorate a “Millennium year” of Usborne success.

I’d been with the company less than two months. I still had very little idea of what was going on, what to expect and why I had to be there. My lasting memory, though, remains as one of adventure and a lot of fun. As part of the “staging team” we had worked late into the previous night setting everything up but there was the reward of a late drink and a meal with the rest of the team – the first time I really had a chance to get to know the people I have now worked alongside for over 14 years. As for the event itself – well the atmosphere was amazing. How could we not get swept away by the energy and excitement in the room?

I remember Judy Williams receiving the Millennium Star Award as recognition for being a most outstanding ambassador for Usborne and the whole room erupting with genuine affection and support for a such wonderful leader (who is still enjoying success with Usborne to this day).

Sue, Becky and the team asked me if I’d write a few words as to why you (as one of our Organisers) should come to the Gala Awards and Spring Conference in January. We have already told you (in various blogs and emails) about what to expect and how much your business will benefit from attending etc… but there is something else which, I guess, you’ll only ever really appreciate once you’ve experienced it.

The Gala Awards and Spring Conference can provide a moment when you think “I get it!”

It’s a magical moment. I urge you not to miss out."

Are you looking for 'brilliance' in 2016?

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