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See Inside Usborne Publishing review

20th September 2012

Last Thursday, 12 of our Silver Executive Club Members travelled down to London to spend the day at Usborne Publishing HQ, for an exclusive meeting that would give them a special glimpse into the world of Usborne publishing!

Here Marketing Director, Mark Franklin, tells us a bit more about his experience of the day:

"The 'See Inside Usborne Publishing' meetings are designed to immerse attendees into the world of this very special, award-winning company. Usborne's army of designers and editors are working on fabulous new books on a daily basis and it is truly inspirational to see titles (due for release next year) on screen or scattered over desks as ideas are bounced around and improvements are made.

Our host and VIP guest, Publishing Director, Jenny Tyler, shared her experience of Usborne company values, the company's unique in-house approach and its aims, to give delegates a real feel for how Usborne constantly strives to be the best and stand out from the crowd. This special mixture of key elements ensures that Usborne continue to push boundaries in publishing and innovate beyond what makes a good children's book."

Now let's share a few thoughts from our attending Organisers, to finish off:

"A massive thank you to everyone for yesterday, it was amazing! I made a list this morning of things that really, really needed doing and within 45 minutes the list was complete, emails sent and two new recruits on the horizon! They both have the Organiser Agreement and both want to join so fingers crossed... I now want all of my team to get to Team Leader status, so that they can attend 'See Inside Usborne Publishing' and go on the tour themselves!" - Bonnie Heron

"This event was definitely the pinnacle of Silver Executive Club Membership, for me. It was a great day at Saffron Hill, at the very epicentre of Usborne creation, sharing good company, putting names to faces and getting to see, touch and smell the new titles. I had lots of fun and felt part of something very special." - Sara Knowles

"I found it really interesting to discover how a book is put together and being an attendee made me feel important, I've now kickstarted my planning for the autumn season." - Claire Williams

"It was a real privilege to meet the talented team of people behind these fabulous books that Usborne keep publishing!" - Nicki Ramplin

"Going to 'See Inside Usborne Publishing' has been on my wishlist since I joined Usborne last year, so when I got to Team Leader I was thrilled. It was a fab day out, meeting the writers and illustrators of our books and a real insight into the workings of Usborne Publishing." - Caroline Brown

Thank you so much for your input ladies and to everyone who attended and made this such a great day.