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Support a road to scientific success with this Subject Dictionary Set.

27th October 2017

Simple text, colourful pictures and diagrams make these four dictionaries the ideal reference set to help your children to achieve their potential in the core subject areas of maths and science:

Illustrated Dictionary of Biology

Topics include the human body, living things and their environments, plants, reproduction and genetics. 

Illustrated Dictionary of Chemistry

Arranged in five colour-coded thematic sections covering all aspects of the chemistry curriculum. Includes a useful section of charts, tables and conversions. 

Illustrated Dictionary of Physics

Topics are arranged by theme and include atoms and molecules, heat, electricity and magneticism, radioactivity and forces. 

Illustrated Dictionary of Maths

Arranged thematically to cover all aspects of the maths curriculum, from algebra to APRs, volume to vectors and trigonometry to transformation. Includes over 100 worked examples to show how to put theory into practice.

All dictionaries have internet links to educational websites for further learning.

Available now for only £19.99 (worth £36.96). Order yours from your local Independent Usborne Organiser today or get in touch.